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General Situation Control System

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Plays a role not only of the preliminary prevention against the hazardous elements such as various calamity, disaster, fire etc but also of the role to assist quick response, damage restoration, post analysis upon situation occurrence, and devises a quality betterment of the public welfare improvement under close real time cooperation with relevant agencies to minimize a damage when a disaster comes and aims at protection of the lives and properties of the citizens as well as improvement of the quality of life.


Since it provides a quick analysis and grasp of the problem by monitoring both status of various system and field situation through a large situation board then grants a instant response ability thereon, it is a system to be able to display a efficient and prompt ability upon occurrence of the hindrance.

Applicable Fields

General situation room of calamity safety, computerized network management center, military command control/operation room, information security center, railroad authority, traffic control center and so on.

System Configuration

System of the general situation room is largely divided by image(multi projection module) + display controller + acoustic system + control system + rainfallㆍwater level measurement system