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Integrated Control System

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Burden of the user and operator has been more and more bigger in a multi media environment that have to get operated various equipments simultaneously owing to advent of highly efficient, multi-functioning A/V instruments lately. As if absorbing all functions of the equipments both installed at present and to be installed in the future, a perfect abstract painting to incorporate those into a one system and provide the user with a easy, friendly control interface is the concept that Command System pursues.

The Command System is got moved upon transmitting to the video, accurate touch screen and IR Receiver on the Window. Also it minimized a cost and complexity of the installation of the lecture room, conference room, multi media room or home theater, and long-term movement is possible too.

Lump-Sum Control System(Remote Control System)

It is a system to enable the operator and users to operate/manage state-of-the-art system more conveniently connecting directly, indirectly with various audio, visual equipments scattered, installed and various interfaces applied to the overall IT system as well.

Use Purpose

  • Provision of a simple user's interface make the complicated AV system possible to operate
  • Minimize the time, manpower required to system operation
  • Secure system stability by use of an independent OS and communication protocol
  • Provide interface environment in accordance with the user's request

Applicable Field

  • Home automation, board members conference room, general situation room, multi media lecture room