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IBS(LAN, Automatic Control) System

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Intelligent Building System is a state-of-the-art building established as a integrated system that added an office automation function and tele-communication function into the Building Automation System which operates, manages the building efficiently, deviating from the existing common building concept.

IBS Construction Element
Building Automation(BA) - As a automation facility inside a building, it is a system to improve the operational efficiency and management method of the building by concentrated management and automatic control of the various facilities necessary to building operation such as air-controlled sanitary facility, electricity illumination facility, parking control system etc to be installed in the building.

Office Automation(OA) - By use of the office automation network, promote growth, development of the enterprise in terms of problems subsisting in the enterprise such as office productivity improvement, selection of overflowing information and decision making method etc. Induction of the office automation can be able to facilitate efficiency, simplification of the information share and its integrated management then need to maintain, improve thereon.

Tele-Communication(TC) - By use of a digital exchanger/CATVㆍMATV and satellite communication, connect to the highly advanced information communication system then provide state-of-the-art communication service including image system like remote screen conference system/ conference proceeding system/ simultaneous interpretation system/ general situation room system and so on, aside from the normal communication system.

System Integration(SI) - As system integration is the one to install the BA, TC, OA then define mutual interface part and set up the service so as to get operated those with more convenient method, it makes the office environment comfortable and provides a convenience to the building management through the interface between the building control and communication, the interface of the office automation and automatic control.