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Multi Media Lecture Room

Product Detail Information

It is a state-of-the-art lecture system raised a convenience and efficiency between the learners as well as educators connecting various imageㆍacoustic equipment and in-school network in the multi media study room, educational administrative system, electronic library of the college, cyber university and so forth

System Construction

  • Image: projector, projection TV
  • Acoustics: wire/wireless MIC, AMP, Speaker system
  • Control: touch-screen control system
  • Others: multi media instrument(DVD, VTR, DECK, actual thing screen etc)

Use Purpose

  • Utilize as a educational multi media material prepared for the advanced curriculum operation
  • Build a educational informationized base to cultivate human resources preparing toward the information knowledge society
  • Improve educational method and pursue quality betterment by induction of state-of-the-art information communication technology

Applicable Fields

  • Elementary school, junior and senior high school, college lecture room
  • Stay-in house study field linked with in-school network(remote lecture)
  • In-school wireless network