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A/V System

By use of the latest acoustics equipment and image equipment, establish a user-friendly system not only to help efficiently facilitate a broadcasting of the public performance hall, multi-purpose hall, conference room, sports arena, lecture room, audio-visual classroom, entire building broadcasting etc but also to gain its highest effect. We, being a member of the central activity subject in the field of information communication engineering that operates a specialized design room and that can be able to design a A/V system, are equipped with publicly certified specialized qualifications in all the fields such as from design, proposal up to execution.

Public Performance Hall

  1. Theater-like acoustics/image system by use of a large screen and high resolution / high luminosity projector, Dolby Processor
  2. Adopt a audio mixer that can accept a various array of image media and multi channels which are required at all sorts of the events
  3. Establish a various electrically-driven facility and lump-sum control system
  4. Set up a CCTV security facility and recording/monitoring system


Conference Room

  1. Acoustic system design that is harmonious with conference room's size and interior
  2. Mike system for conference
  3. Screen and projector for rear projection
  4. Establish a CCTV system and lump=sum control system


Lecture Room

  1. Wire/wireless mike system that is necessary for lectures
  2. Multi media room equipped with electrically-driven screen and date class projector, acoustic and image instruments for education utilized by various media.

3D Simulation

Carry out a simulated installation and experiment in the electricㆍacoustic aspect by use of the latest version's S/W prior to installation of the architect and interior so that find a problem or improvement in the building structure and acoustic system then realize a highest acoustic system.

Digital Entire Building Broadcasting

Smoothly facilitate a control of the terminal instrument at the central management room by adopting a communication method of the latest version's S/W, and get marked visually to easily apprehend the entire broadcasting facility functions through the touch screen as a new broadcasting operation scheme system of the computerized integrated control transmissionㆍreception method so that realize whosoever can easily be able to broadcast the emergency broadcasting, guidance broadcasting etc by each building, by each entrance, by each floor, by each group.