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Unattended Crackdown System Against the Illegal Parking

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Unattended Crackdown System Against The Illegal Parking, Stoppage

Primary goals are to attain a remote control surveillance of the road situation and remote control of the surveillance camera, secure various crackdown functions by unattended automatic crackdown, secure security of the unattended crackdown system with operational material after secure or get installed a systematic and efficient illegal parking/stoppage violation vehicles crackdown system against the illegal parking/stoppage vehicles on the major roads where traffic congestions are heavy so as to establish a unattended crackdown system for surveillance and efficient crackdown against the illegal parking/stoppage violation vehicles on the major road zones.

Moreover as it is a business conducted to seek for inconvenience removal and accommodation of the road users by raising an efficiency of the crackdown and recovering the traffic order function of the road, make it eradicate the offensive vehicles on illegal parking/stoppage etc on the principal road and actively improve the traffic flow in the long run through this.