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Remote Control Screen Conference

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Screen conference is a new conference method to share opinions naturally exchanging the image voice and material between the areas geographically located far away, as if meeting in the same conference room. Globalization of the enterprises, scatter of the establishments made video conference inevitably facilitated, and also domestic firms who preferred the direct face-to-face conference so far are in a trend to induce it one after another in the aspects of business efficiency, strengthening of competitive edge.

Screen Conference System

It is a technology to proceed a conference transmittingㆍreceiving the information such as the screen, voice data, image etc on a real time by use of the ISDN/exclusive use line in the over 2 distant areas.

Use Purpose

  • Save travel expense/time by providing an environment that a real time image+voice+data exchange is available between the remote areas
  • Latest information exchange on a quick and exact opinion decision
  • Possible to utilize various fields such as remote lecture and remote medical treatment

Applicable Fields

  • Small-sized firm whose business travel is frequent, or board members conference room between headquarter and branch office
  • Medical sector that remote medical treatment is needed
  • Educational sector that long-distance remote education is needed
  • International business meeting
  • Inter-governmental communication to issue various certificates